• Examination location: Dortmund center
  • Time: approx. 07:45 am – 02:00 pm
  • Registration deadline: see testdaf.de
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About TestDaF exam

The TestDaF (Test German as a Foreign Language) is a standardized German test for university admission and is an alternative to the DSH or telc C1 Hochschule test. This test is recognized by all universities in Germany as a language test for the enrollment of foreign students.

Perfect German Language Academy is a licensed TestDaF center. You can take tests with us 8 times a year.

  • When and where can I register for the test?

    In order to take the test at the Perfekt Deutsch Sprachinstitut, you have to register online with the TestDaF Institute . 10 days after the registration deadline, you can download an admission letter with “Rules for the exam day” from the participant portal. The rules contain important information about the day of the exam. You must sign the letter of admission and bring it with you to the exam, along with your ID or passport.

  • How much does the test cost and how can I pay for the test?

    The examination fee is 195 €. The full amount is paid online at the TestDaF Institute. You can pay outside of Germany with a credit card, in Germany with a credit card or by direct debit. If you have any questions about online registration and online payment, you can contact the TestDaF Institute anmeldung@testdaf.de.

  • How is the test structured?

    The test consists of four parts:

    • Reading comprehension: 60 minutes (3 reading texts with tasks)
    • Listening comprehension: 60 minutes (3 listening texts with exercises)
    • Written expression: 60 minutes (e.g. interpreting a graphic)
    • Oral expression: approx. 30 minutes (7 speaking occasions)
  • What do I have to have with me on the day of the exam?

    • Your ID with passport photo (the same ID as when you registered)
    • the signed letter of admission
    • a ballpoint pen with a black or blue refill
  • Can I use a dictionary or other aids during the exam?


  • Where and how does the examination take place?

    The evaluation of the exam takes place centrally at the TestDaF Institute in Bochum and takes about 6 weeks. The test results of each part of the examination (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and oral expression) are shown on three TestDaF levels (TDN 3, 4 and 5). If the result is below TDN 3 , the exam is considered failed. In this case you have to repeat all parts of the exam. The test is passed if you have reached at least the TDN 3 level. TDN 4 in all partial skills is usually sufficient to prove sufficient language skills for studying at a German university. TDN 5 is the highest level. The TestDaF levels correspond to the competency levels B2 – C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER). A detailed description of the levels (TDN) for each part of the exam can be found here.

  • Which test result do I need to start studying?

    The universities in Germany recognize the Test DaF result with at least TDN 4 in all parts of the examination as proof of language proficiency for admission in almost all subjects and courses of study. Some colleges also accept lower test scores. Find out more about the exact requirements for language certificates for your degree program at the respective university.

  • When and where can I get my TestDaF certificate?

    After approx. 6 weeks you can access your results in the participant portal.

  • Can I get the test results faster?


  • How often can you take the test?

    You can repeat the TestDaF as often as you like.

  • How long is the test certificate valid?

    The TestDaF certificate is valid indefinitely.

  • How can I deregister from the exam?

    If you are unable to keep the exam date, you have the option of de-registering by the registration deadline (= the last day of the TestDaF Institute’s registration deadline). In the event of cancellation, a written notification must be sent to the TestDaF Institute in Bochum using the contact form. Information on deregistering can also be found in the participant portal. The test fee will be credited to your account by the TestDaF Institute, minus a flat-rate administration fee of up to 15%.

Preparation for the TestDaF exam

  • How can I prepare for the TestDaF exam?

    We definitely recommend booking preparation lessons before the exam. In TestDaF intensive courses and TestDaF crash courses from Perfekt Deutsch you will learn the exact structure, format and content of the TestDaF exam using authentic telc materials. Your teachers teach you effective techniques and examination strategies and give you valuable tips with which you can successfully complete your TestDaF exam.

    With the help of model tests, you can find out more about the test format and the test procedure now. You can find detailed information on the examination structure and sample exams on the TestDaF Institute website.

Your advantages with us:

Fixed prices

Register online at www.testdaf.de

licensed examination center

for TestDaF

Central location

in Dortmund city center

both parts of the exam

(written + oral) in one day

professional preparation courses

online or at school

free advice

by e-mail, phone or in person

officially recognized certificate

for submission to authorities, embassies, universities and employers