A2 German intensive course


  • approx. 2 months, approx. 200 lessons
  • Mon-Thu, 12:45-17:00 p.m.
  • Location: Dortmund or online
  • Bonus 1: A2 Intensivtrainer (for offline students only)
  • Bonus 2: e-learning from Perfekt Deutsch
  • Registration deadline: 14 days before the course
In the school +
Online +
take the entrance test at school before the start of the course or submit an A1 certificate.
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A2 German Course online – Expand Your German Skills

Our A2 German Course online helps to further enhance your German skills and helps you establish more proficiency in both spoken and written language. The A2 language level is suitable for participants with basic knowledge who wish to build upon their existing skills. Prerequisite for participation is either a placement test, a telc Deutsch A1 certificate, or an A1 certificate from a language school in Germany with a minimum of 200 completed teaching units. Participants also gain access to our in-house e-learning platform where you can find additional exercises to practice on your own.

We offer a variety of courses at different language levels from A1 to C1, including a German intensive course. Expand your German language skills now with our qualified teachers in our A2 German Course online. Sign up now!

More Possibilities with the A2 German Course online

If you have completed our A1 course, the A2 German Course online seamlessly builds upon what you have learned – but visitors from other language schools are also welcome. Over the course of the program, you will learn complex sentence structures and expand your vocabulary in a total of 200 teaching units. This will open up more ways for you to communicate with others in various situations.

  • Vocabulary: As part of the course you will learn phrases and vocabulary relevant to your everyday life. With the A2 German Course online, you will discover new topics such as talking about preferences, studies and professions, or cultural festivals.
  • Grammar: Deepen your knowledge of basic grammar rules and learn new structures with our teaching staff. With new sentence structures and questions, you can now apply your German language skills even more freely in daily conversations. Need a revision? You can revisit the basics first in our A1 German course online!
  • Text Production: Work with us on your writing skills. Producing texts is not only standard in school, but also necessary to fill out applications, inquiries, forms, and documents. Expand your ability to express yourself under the supervision of our helpful language teachers.
  • Reading and Listening Comprehension: Participants practice their understanding of the German language with a variety of tasks. With regular repetitions and supplementary practice material, we ensure ongoing improvements.
  • Building Language Proficiency: To promote active language use, our lessons take place entirely in German. This allows participants to have an immersive language experience and promotes collaboration with other classmates.
  • Regular Progress Checks: During the course, you will take 3 interim exams and a vocabulary test for each of the 12 thematic units to test your skills. Our teachers support you with detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement – this way you can improve mistakes and identify your weaknesses.

Learn German Continuously with Proven Methods

We want to make sure that you can apply what you have learned in everyday life. For this, we rely on proven learning methods in class that really help you progress. We place great value on interactive lessons and encourage participants to speak German themselves in class. With up-to-date textbooks and in-house teaching materials, our teachers carefully introduce course participants to previously unknown topics. Our personal e-learning platform allows you to check your knowledge at any time and deepen it at your own pace. Learn more about the key concepts for our A2 German course online:

  • Goal-oriented & Diverse Exercises: Our instructors always prepare the lessons in an exciting and adapted format to suit online setting. We want to make learning German easy and fun while bringing you closer to your goals!
  • Interactive Live Lessons: With active participation using video and audio, we encourage you to improve your skills, work with others and help each other. To allow interactive participation, a PC or laptop with camera and microphone is required.
  • Qualified DaF Teachers: Our teachers are trained to teach German as a foreign language. We are constantly working on new methods to make the material easily accessible and comprehensible to you.

Struggling to balance the new language course with work and family? No time for long car rides? Then our A2 German course online is perfect for you. Learn German from the comfort of your own home. Sign up today!

Learning German with Recognized Certificates in the A2 German Course online

The course concludes with an in-house exam covering all the topics from your class. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a German A2 certificate, which you can present to authorities or academic institutions. You also have the option to take the official telc exam for an additional fee, which is recognized worldwide and is necessary for enrollment at German universities.

  • Choose between online or in-class teaching
  • A2 German Course online corresponding to the European framework
  • Recognized certificate
  • In-house e-learning platform

Book your A2 German course online today: With our course offerings, there is a suitable German course for every performance level, online or in-person at our language school. Simply sign up for your desired date or reach out for more information!

What you will learn in the A1 German course:

How you can communicate in everyday and some professional situations, e.g

  • talk about interests and preferences
  • Explain and justify your opinion on a specific topic and plans
  • talk about the daily routine and leisure activities
  • place an order over the phone
  • tell a story or recount the plot of a book or movie
  • report on the past
  • Express consequences and contradictions
  • give a short presentation
  • talk about advantages and disadvantages

How you can read and write simple texts in which common everyday language occurs, e.g.

  • Formulate comments
  • write private letters in which events, feelings and wishes are reported
  • understand and write travel reports
  • write formal emails
  • understand newspaper reports
  • summarize experiences and impressions in a blog

Course content in the A2 German course:

  • Lesson 1: Leisure and Hobbies

    Vocabulary: leisure, activity, in the restaurant


    • Genitiv: Name + –s
    • Wiederholung: Perfekt
    • Konjunktionen aduso
    • Nebensatz mit weil
    • Konjunktion deshalb, deswegen, daher, darum
  • Lesson 2: School, studies and work

    Vocabulary: experiences in school, school subjects, school types


    • Modalverben im Präteritum
    • Perfekt bei Modalverben
    • Wiederholung Artikel
    • Possessivartikel im Dativ
  • Lektion 3: Medien

    Vocabulary: media, media activities, film


    • Komparativ und Superlativ
    • Vergleichssätze mit als, wie
    • Nebensatz mit dass
  • Lesson 4: Cultural Behaviors, Festivals

    Vocabulary: celebrations, events, feelings, congratulations, thanks, events


    • Nebensatz mit wenn
    • reflexive Verben
  • Lesson 5: Life in the city

    Vocabulary: city, job interview, bank, authority


    • Genus der Substantive
    • Adjektive nach dem unbestimmten Artikel
    • Präpositionen mit Dativ und Akkusativ
    • Konjunktiv II könnte
  • Lesson 6: Working worlds

    Vocabulary: activities at work, train travel, events, on the phone


    • Adjektive nach dem unbestimmten Artikel
    • Adjektivdeklination ohne Artikel
    • werden
  • Lesson 7: Public Transport

    Vocabulary: public transport, urban traffic, commuting to work


    • Indirekte Fragesätze:
    • W- Fragen und ja/nein-Fragen mit ob
    • Ortsangaben:
    • Präpositionen
  • Lesson 8: Learning, exams

    Vocabulary: learning, exams, presentations


    • Konjunktiv II; sollte (Ratschläge)
    • Interrogativartikel Was für ein(e)?
    • Präteritum
  • Lesson 9: Sport and fans

    Vocabulary: sports, fans, dates


    • Sätze verbinden: deshalb, trotzdem
    • Verben mit Dativ und Akkusativ
  • Lesson 10: Living, neighbors, moving

    Vocabulary: living, neighbors, location information, moving, animals


    • Wechselpräpositionen
    • Positions- und Richtungsverben
    • Nebensatz mit als und wenn
  • Lesson 11: Time and Leisure

    Vocabulary: time, free time, desires, plans


    • Konjunktiv II (Wünsche, Ratschläge)
    • Verben mit Präposition
    • W-Fragen mit Präposition
  • Lesson 12: Music and Art

    Vocabulary: music, description of images


    • Indefinitpronomen
    • Relativsätze mit Nominativ und Akkusativ

This is included in the A2 course:

approx. 200 teaching units

with trained GAFL (German as a foreign language) teachers

12 lessons

at A2 level (GER)

Extra teaching material

from Perfekt Deutsch

E-learning component

to deepen what you have learned

Additional listening training

on our e-learning platform

Learning level checks


individual error analysis

from teachers of Perfekt Deutsch

Certificate of attendance

for submission to the authorities, for the purchase of the Youngticket, for enrollment

A2 course certificate

von Perfekt Deutsch

telc A2 exam

only in the premium- and vip-package

Your advantages with Perfekt Deutsch:

  • professional German courses: online or in school
  • systematic communication of the course content
  • in-house teaching materials and course concepts
  • high learning pace
  • continuous repetition of grammatical structures and vocabulary
  • regular tests to monitor learning progress
  • individual error analyzes and feedback
  • daily homework and meetings
  • Use of modern media in the classroom
  • highly qualified DaF teachers
  • Licensed examination center for telc, TestDaF, TestAS and OnSET exams
  • central location in Dortmund city center
  • regular course and exam dates
  • free advice possible at any time

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