A1 German intensive course


  • approx. 2 months, approx. 200 lessons
  • Mon-Thu, 8:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
  • Location: Dortmund or online
  • Bonus 1: A1 Intensivtrainer (for offline students only)
  • Bonus 2: e-learning from Perfekt Deutsch
  • Registration deadline: 14 days before the course
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German Course Online A1: Achieve Your Language Goals

Our German course online A1 offers the perfect starting point for beginners eager to explore the German language. From mastering the basics of pronunciation to navigating fundamental grammar rules, our course provides a structured and supportive learning environment that caters to your individual needs. Through engaging lessons, interactive exercises, and real-world examples, you’ll quickly gain confidence in your ability to understand and communicate in German.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn German – our German course online A1 will help you achieve your goals. Enroll today!

What You can Expect to Learn in our German Course Online A1

Our German course online A1 offers you a comprehensive curriculum designed to guide you through the essentials of learning the German language. Here’s an overview of the key contents awaiting you:

  • Grammar: In our German course online A1, you will delve into the fundamentals of German grammar, laying a strong foundation for your language proficiency. From understanding the basics of sentence structure to mastering verb conjugations and noun declensions – our curriculum ensures that you grasp essential grammatical concepts with clarity and precision.
  • Vocabulary: Through a curated selection of thematic units and lexical exercises, you will acquire essential words and phrases relevant to various contexts, ranging from greetings and everyday activities to hobbies, travel and beyond. Our course emphasizes vocabulary acquisition through repetition, context-based learning, and multimedia resources.
  • Reading & listening comprehension: Develop your reading and listening skills with engaging and authentic materials tailored to your proficiency level. From short texts and dialogues to audio recordings and multimedia resources – our German course online A1 exposes you to diverse content that reflects real-life situations and cultural nuances. Through interactive exercises and comprehension tasks, you will sharpen your ability to understand written and spoken German.
  • Text production: In our online A1 German course, you will learn to compose simple and coherent texts that cover essential topics relevant to everyday life. From writing short descriptions of people, places and activities to personal emails and simple narratives – our curriculum focuses on developing practical writing skills that align with the linguistic proficiency expected at the beginner level.
  • Development of language skills: Our German course online A1 is designed to foster holistic language development by integrating the four essential skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Through interactive lessons and communicative activities, you will engage in meaningful language practice that promotes fluency, accuracy, and confidence. Whether you are participating in group discussions or writing short texts – you will have ample opportunities to apply your language skills.

Our A2 German course online is your gateway to more fluency, providing structured lessons as well as interactive exercises. Join Perfekt Deutsch today!

German Course Online A1: The Benefits of Learning German at Perfekt Deutsch

Embarking on the journey to learn a new language can be both thrilling and challenging. With our German course online A1, we have tailored a learning experience that not only equips you with essential language skills but also provides a host of benefits designed to maximize your learning potential:

  • Individual error analyses & feedback: Receive personalized feedback on your language performance through individual error analyses. Our experienced instructors meticulously review your assignments and provide tailored guidance to help you identify and rectify common mistakes, enabling you to overcome obstacles and improve your language proficiency effectively.
  • Regular tests to monitor the learning progress: Track your linguistic development and measure your mastery of course materials with regular tests and assessments. These evaluations provide valuable feedback on your progress, allowing you to gauge your strengths and weaknesses in different areas of language learning. By monitoring your performance over time, you will gain a clear understanding of your learning trajectory and can adjust your study strategies accordingly to achieve optimal results.
  • Systematic teaching of the course content: Benefit from a structured and systematic approach to learning German, guided by a carefully designed curriculum that covers all essential aspects of the language. The content of our German course online A1 is organized in a logical sequence, ensuring that you build upon foundational skills and progress steadily towards higher levels of proficiency.
  • Interactive exercises: Engage actively with the course material through a variety of interactive exercises that promote hands-on learning and skill development. By participating in interactive exercises, you will not only reinforce your understanding of grammar and vocabulary but also improve your ability to communicate effectively in real-life situations, making language learning both enjoyable and effective.

Looking for a fast track to fluency? Our German intensive courses are designed to accelerate your language learning journey. Simply choose the course format that suits you best!

Perfekt Deutsch: Your Path to Proficiency

Whether you are an absolute beginner or looking to brush up on your basic skills – our comprehensive program offers an immersive and effective learning experience designed to accommodate your individual pace and preferences. You can also benefit from the following advantages with Perfekt Deutsch:

  • Highly qualified teaching staff
  • Regular course & exam dates
  • In-house teaching materials & course concepts
  • Licensed examination centre for telc, TestDaF, TestAS & OnSET examinations

Take the first step towards fluency with our German course online A1. Explore interactive lessons, practice speaking with confidence, and unlock the language skills you need to thrive in a German-speaking environment!

What you will learn in the A1 course:

How you can communicate on an elementary basis in most everyday situations, e.g.

  • Say and write your name and place of residence
  • ask how you are and react to it
  • Giving and understanding directions
  • talk about hobbies
  • make simple phone calls
  • Give out invitations and congratulations
  • ask for the price and make purchases
  • Order and pay in the restaurant
  • Make appointments with a doctor or the authorities
  • Apologize about being late and respond to it
  • Express your approval or disapproval
  • Favors, displeasures and formulate your suggestions
  • ask someone for information

How you can read simple texts and write them yourself, e.g

  • Write short messages or postcards
  • Fill out forms
  • Describe your daily routine
  • understand and write an invitation

Course content in the A1 German course:

  • Lesson 2: family, friends and me

    Vocabulary: hobbies, days of the week, numbers from 20, professions


    • unregelmäßige Verben und Personalpronomen 
    • formelle und informelle Anrede
    • Ja/Nein /Doch-Antworten auf Entscheidungsfragen 
    • bestimmter Artikel: der, das, die 
    • Nomen im Singular und Plural 
    • Verben haben und sein
  • Lesson 3: My City

    Vocabulary: places and buildings, means of transport, directions, months and seasons


    • unbestimmter Artikel ein, ein, eine
    • Negationsartikel kein, kein, keine 
    • Negation mit „nicht“
    • Imperativ mit Sie
    • Adjektiv mit sein
  • Lesson 4: Eating and Drinking

    Vocabulary: meals, groceries, drinks, shops


    • Akkusativ 
    • Verben mit Akkusativ
    • Personalpronomen im Akkusativ
    • Nullartikel
    • Verben mögen und möchten
    • Satzbau
  • Lesson 5: Everyday Life and Family

    Vocabulary: daily routine, times, family


    • Zeitangaben mit am, um, von…bis
    • Possessivartikel im Nominativ und Akkusativ
    • Modalverben müssen, können, wollen 
    • Modalverben im Satz
    • Satzklammer
    • Verben: können – wissen– kennen
  • Lesson 6: time with friends, hobbies

    Vocabulary: ordinals, leisure activities, food and drinks, events


    • Datumsangaben: am
    • trennbare Verben
    • Personalpronomen im Akkusativ mich, dich,
    • feste Präpositionen mit Akk.
    • Präteritum von haben und sein
  • Lesson 7: Everyday Work

    Vocabulary: everyday office life, location information, bank, media


    • Sätze verbinden: und, oder, aber
    • Konjunktionen sondern, denn
    • Artikel im Dativ 
    • Präposition mit + Dativ
    • Ortsangaben: Präpositionen mit Dativ und Akkusativ
    • Artikelgebrauch bei Ländernamen
  • Lesson 8: Health

    Vocabulary: parts of the body, illnesses, medicines, jobs in the hospital


    • Imperativ
    • Modalverben sollen, müssen, (nicht) dürfen
  • Lesson 9: My Apartment

    Vocabulary: rooms, furniture and appliances, colors, forms of living


    • Adjektiv mit sein 
    • Präposition in mit Akk.
    • Wechselpräpositionen mit Dativ und Akkusativ
  • Lesson 10: Study and Profession

    Vocabulary: professions and jobs, places of work, studies, applications


    •  Perfekt: Satzklammer; Perfekt mit haben und sein
    • Partizip II: regelmäßige und unregelmäßige Verben 
    • Verben auf –ieren 
  • Lesson 11: Fashion and Clothing

    Vocabulary: clothes, department stores, shops


    • Welcher? Welches? Welche? 
    • dieser, dieses, diese
    • Partizip II: trennbare und nicht trennbare Verben 
    • Personalpronomen im Dativ
    • Verben mit Dativ
  • Lesson 12: Travel and Weather

    Vocabulary: types of vacation and travel destinations, sights, points of the compass, weather


    • Pronomen: man;
    • Sätze verbinden: denn; weil/da
    •  Fragewörter: Wer? Wen? Wem? Was?..
    • Temporale Präpositionen mit Dativ
    • Zeitadverbien: zuerst, dann, später, zum Schluss 

This is included in the A1 course:

approx. 200 teaching units

with trained GAFL (German as a foreign language) teachers

12 lessons

at A1 level (GER)

Extra teaching material

from Perfekt Deutsch

E-learning component

to deepen what you have learned

Additional listening training

on our e-learning platform

Learning level checks


individual error analysis

from teachers of Perfekt Deutsch

Certificate of attendance

for submission to the authorities, for the purchase of the Youngticket, for enrollment

A1 course certificate

from Perfekt Deutsch

A1 Prüfung exam

only in the premium package

Your advantages with Perfekt Deutsch:

  • professional German courses: online or in school
  • systematic communication of the course content
  • in-house teaching materials and course concepts
  • high learning pace
  • continuous repetition of grammatical structures and vocabulary
  • regular tests to monitor learning progress
  • individual error analyzes and feedback
  • daily homework and meetings
  • Use of modern media in the classroom
  • highly qualified DaF teachers
  • Licensed examination center for telc, TestDaF, TestAS and OnSET exams
  • central location in Dortmund city center
  • regular course and exam dates
  • free advice possible at any time

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