telc C1 Hochschule course


  • approx. 2 months, approx. 140 lessons
  • Mon-Thu, 8:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
  • Location: Dortmund or online
  • Bonus: e-learning from Perfekt Deutsch
  • Registration deadline: 14 days before the course
In the school +
Online +
take the entrance test at school before the start of the course or submit a B2 certificate from a language school or an examination center in Germany.
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telc C1 Hochschule intensive course –
Preparation for the telc exam

Our telc C1 Hochschule German course builds on the B2 intensive course. The C1 telc intensive course by Perfect German offers in-depth preparation for the telc C1 Hochschule and for the telc C1 general exam. In the course, all parts of the telc C1 exam are presented, developed and practiced intensively. You will continue to gradually build up your academic and job-related reading and listening skills using texts with a higher level of difficulty. Every day in the course you will have the opportunity to systematically expand your vocabulary in study and subject-specific areas and thus continuously improve your ability to express yourself. In addition, we carry out several intermediate exams (mock exams) that precisely simulate the process and content requirements of the telc C1 exam. The intermediate exams are corrected and assessed by our course instructors according to the guidelines of telc gGmbH and you receive detailed feedback on your performance in each part of the exam.

Your daily telc C1 lessons with us look like this:

  • Training of oral and written communication skills
  • intensive vocabulary work
  • Training of listening and reading comprehension based on texts with a higher level of difficulty
  • Consolidation of complex grammar structures
  • Presentation and writing training
  • Pronunciation training


Our telc C1 intensive course is particularly suitable for German learners who want to study at a German university and need proof of their German language skills. Our C1 telc intensive course is also aimed at already trained academics who work or want to work in Germany and want to expand and improve their German skills accordingly.

Requirements / previous knowledge:

  • telc B2 certificate or
  • B2 certificate from a language school in Germany or
  • Admission test


  • Teaching different reading and listening strategies (global, selective, detailed)
  • Teaching various methods to develop unknown vocabulary
  • Practicing the newly acquired vocabulary through dialogue exercises, lectures and writing your own texts (argumentation)
  • Imparting skills and techniques to prepare for studying at a German university


The perfect German teaching team consists of lecturers with extensive teaching experience and intercultural competence.

Teaching materials:

In our telc C1 preparation course, we use recognized textbooks and proven materials, which are supplemented by telc C1 model tests. You will receive detailed information on this in good time before the start of the course. We also use teaching materials that are developed by the Perfect German Language Academy and are continuously updated and supplemented by the school’s internal editorial staff.

The course content of our C1 telc German course corresponds to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Learning progress checks in the telc C1 preparation course:

  • 3 major intermediate exams (every 2 weeks)

The regular learning progress checks test reading, listening, writing and oral expression. The corrections are made by the qualified teachers. With the help of these tests you can check your learning progress.

Work at home:

You get homework every day. These will be discussed and corrected on the next day of class.

Final exam and certificate after the telc C1 intensive course:

At the end of the course, you will take an internal school exam and receive a certificate from Perfect Deutsch. The written exam contains parts of the exam: reading comprehension, listening comprehension and text production.

You also have the opportunity to take telc C1 Hochschule and telc C1 General with us. Here you can find more information about telc C1 Hochschule and telc C1 general exams.

Additionally for the online course:

With our telc C1 online intensive course, you can learn from the comfort of your own home and achieve your desired learning goal in a timely manner.

What to expect:

  • Interactive live online lessons in the virtual classroom with video and audio
  • Professional German learning with qualified, experienced DaF teachers

For the online course you need:

  • stable internet connection
  • Computer or laptop with camera
  • microphone
  • possibly headphones

Our DaF teachers have a lot of experience in teaching the German language and are well versed in using the respective online tools. They know how to make online lessons diverse and goal-oriented, how to motivate participants to do interactive exercises and how to make optimal use of the advantages of online lessons.

In the online German course from Perfekt Deutsch you work with modern software that is free of charge for you. You can either order your GFL textbook as a print version in bookshops or you can work with an interactive digital version.

What you will learn in the C1 telc course:

  • how you can develop reading and listening texts with a high degree of difficulty
  • how you can write your own coherent texts (arguments, graphic descriptions, summaries, etc.)
  • how to conduct oral and written discussions on a wide range of topics
  • how to structure and give a presentation
  • how you can ask questions and react to them
  • how you can reproduce the statements of others
  • how you can judge or weigh up the arguments of others

Course content in the C1 telc preparation course:

  • Lesson 1: At college

    Vocabulary: studying in Germany, financing your studies, everyday study life

    Grammar: pronoun it

  • Lesson 2: Mobility

    Vocabulary: mobility in the world of work, virtual travel

    Grammar: passive substitute forms

  • Lesson 3: Technology & Progress

    Vocabulary: inventions & discoveries, artificial intelligence, bionics

    Grammar: nominalization & nominal style

  • Lesson 4: Politics & History

    Vocabulary: capitals, the European Union

    Grammar: participle attributes

  • Lesson 5: Communication

    Vocabulary: Conversations & misunderstandings, changing languages, influences from foreign languages

    Grammar: Subjective meaning of modal verbs

  • Lesson 6: Health & Exercise

    Vocabulary: healthy nutrition, fitness & technology, exercise for prevention

    Grammar: noun-verb connections

  • Lesson 7: Digital Media

    Vocabulary: media consumption, virtual contacts, learning online and offline

    Grammar: Verbs with a prefix

  • Lesson 8: Economics

    Vocabulary: stresses in the workplace, banks, business start-ups

    Grammar: means of cohesion

  • Lesson 9: Interculturality

    Vocabulary: Cultural Identity, Migration & Integration, Belonging & Stereotypes

    Grammar: indirect speech

  • Lesson 10: The Environment

    Vocabulary: pollution, the post-fossil era, nature and environmental protection

    Grammar: written prepositions, conjunctive adverbs

This is included in the C1 telc intensive course:

approx. 140 teaching units

with trained DaF teachers

10 lessons

at C1 level (GER)

Extra teaching material

from Perfekt Deutsch

E-learning component

to deepen what you have learned

Additional listening training

on our e-learning platform

Learning progress checks


individual error analysis

by Perfekt Deutsch teachers

Certificate of attendance

for submission to the authorities, for the purchase of the Youngticket, for enrollment

C1 telc course certificate

from Perfekt Deutsch

telc C1 Hochschule exam

in the premium and VIP package

Your advantages with Perfekt Deutsch:

  • professional German courses: online or in school
  • systematic communication of the course content
  • in-house teaching materials and course concepts
  • high learning pace
  • continuous repetition of grammatical structures and vocabulary
  • regular tests to monitor learning progress
  • individual error analyzes and feedback
  • daily homework and meetings
  • Use of modern media in the classroom
  • highly qualified DaF teachers
  • Licensed examination center for telc, TestDaF, TestAS and OnSET exams
  • central location in Dortmund city center
  • regular course and exam dates
  • free advice possible at any time


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