Entrance test

An entrance exam is NOT needed for the following courses:

-A1 (ca. 200 hours)
-Crash Courses (ca. 50 hours)
-Evening-, Weekend Coureses  (15 hours).
You can sign up for these courses online, right now, without any prerequisites.

Taking the entrance exam is obligatory for the following courses:
-A2, B1, B2, C1 (ca. 200 hours)
-B2/C1 Medicine (ca. 160 hours)

Are you already in Germany? → Then you will have to take the entrance exam in person at our school.

When? You can find upcoming exam dates on our website under Dates/Fees.
Where? Thomasstr. 18-20 at 9.00 a.m.
You do not need to register for the entrance exam.
This chart shows you which language skills are required by perfekt.deutsch if you want to participate successfully in a certain course.

On the day of the entrance test you need to bring along:

  •  a fee of 10 € for the test
  •  passport / identity card
  •  a German-German dictionary

As preparatory reading for the entrance test perfekt.deutsch recommends:

Übungsgrammatik für die Grundstufe von Friedrich Clamer / Erhard G. Heilmann, Verlag Liebaug-Dartmann ISBN: 978-3-922989-70-7, Lösungen dazu: ISBN: 978-3-922989-71-4

Übungsgrammatik für die Mittelstufe von Friedrich Clamer / Erhard G. Heilmann, Verlag Liebaug-Dartmann ISBN: 978-3-922989-51-6, Lösungen dazu: ISBN: 978-3-922989-52-3

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DSH-Crash-Kurs: 23.07.2018-03.08.2018 + DSH-Platz: am 25.08.2018 oder am 02.09.2018
Preis: 370,00 €
Anmeldung: ab sofort im Büro

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