• Raghunadh Nuvvala



    I have attended the Language course (B2+ – C1) from April/2014 to July/2014 inorder to take part in the DSH examination which was held in July/2014. The registration and enrollment was very quick and I got replies through Emails very quickly. It was so easy that I don’t even need to go to the office inorder to get registered. Everything took place online, which I found it to be excellent. Also the course prices are less when compared with the other Institutes. In my opinion an average of 450 EUR is not costly for a 3 months course. The way the staff organised the course for us is really good , that we will be practicing all parts of the DSH examination on each and every day , which is intensive and very helpfull in developing the language skills in a short period of time. There will be one Test conducte on daily basis which were corrected by the teachers at their homes & gave them back in their next class. Even we use to discuss all of it once again in the class regarding mistakes and tipps to develope. Our class use to have 3 teachers who taught us. Which was helpful in improving my listening skills because each of them have their own way of speaking style. Unquestionably they taught us very good and they made each and every lesson very interesting by showing us videos regarding our topics by using the projectors. Not only that, we also use to watch some German songs {one of them I still remember is „Nur noch kurz die Welt retten“ … 😉 }. I hope this kind of preperation will help each and everyone to pass easily with a minimum of DSH-2 in just 3 months duration. As I was attending the classes , I felt like as if I was in my school and I had loads of fun with the teachers and my class mates. I really miss all of them. And at last I got DSH-2 in the Examination. I just missed DSH-3 due to silly reason that I made in the writing section of the Exam. Eventhough I was happy with the result that I got, because Germany require only DSH-2.