Enrollment in Immersion Courses: FAQ

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.  We have the divided the questions into different categories.

VRR Student Semesterticket vs. VRR Young Ticket


I am not in Germany yet:  How can I enroll myself in the language courses?

1st Step

At perfekt.deutsch you can enroll in a language course in the following ways:

After the online registration you will receive an automated E-Mail with the Bank Information of perfekt.deutsch with your personal bank transfer information. (Be sure to check your Spam-Folder)  You must include the information that is specific to you when you make your bank transfer.

2nd Step

You transfer the complete Course Fee for your course level to our bank account. Please include the following information in the “Reference” field.

  • Your full surname/last name and first name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your course level (A1,B2, etc.)
  • The date of the course

3rd Step

Only after we have received full payment for the course will you receive a registration confirmation, either via email or by mail. You can present this document at the German embassy or German consulate in your home country to request your visa. Please consider in your scheduling that receiving the registration confirmation e-mail after transferring the course fee can take up to six days.

4th Step

You take an acceptance tests right at perfekt.deutsch. Get informed about the dates of the acceptance tests.

I am already in Germany.  How can I enroll myself in an immersion course?

1st Step

You take an acceptance testright at perfekt.deutsch.  Get informed about the dates of the acceptance tests .

2nd Step

On the day of the acceptance test you receive a date on which you can pick up your results at the school.  You can enroll in your course on the same day.

How much do the language courses at perfekt.deutsch cost?

Prices for A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & telc, C1 & DSH
Prices for B2/C1 Medicine
Evening and weekend courses
DSH crash courses, telc

How can I pay the course fee?
You can pay the course fee either in cash in the office or by way of bank transfer.

Is a deferred/installment payment of the course fee possible?
No.  Unfortunately it is not possible to pay in installments.

How many courses do I have to pay for in advance?
You can pay only for one course or for multiple courses in advance. If you are still located in your home country and require the registration confirmation from perfekt.deutsch, you should inquire directly at the German Embassy/Consulate in your home country as to how many courses you need to pay for in advance in order to get a visa.

When do the immersion courses begin and how long do they last?
The immersion courses begin every 2 months and every course lasts eight weeks.

What happens if I have not received a Visa for Germany?
In this case please send us the following documents via e-mail in good quality:

  • The Registration Confirmation from perfekt.deutsch (PDF format)
  • The rejection letter from the German Embassy/Consulate (PDF format)
  • Your bank information (IBAN, BIC/SWIFT address, name of the bank, name of the account holder)

You will get your course fee refunded. The processing fee in the amount of €50.00 however, will be withheld. It can take up to 10 business days for the course fee to be refunded back to your account.

What happens if I realize that I will not be able to receive my visa in time and will either arrive in Germany too late for the beginning of the course, or possibly not be able to come at all?
You must fill out the formula here to confirm the beginning of your course:  www.perfekt-deutsch.de/bestaetigung-der-kursaufnahme before the beginning of the course (up until the 15th of the calendar month in which your course starts).

On this page you will be presented with three options.  You can only choose one option:

  1. Option: I confirm that I have received my visa and will attend the language course timely.
  2. Option: I confirm that I have NOT received my visa yet. I want to postpone my language course to the next possible date at no extra charge. If I receive a letter of rejection within the next 7 weeks, perfekt.deutsch will refund the course fees less 50,00 € administrative charge.
  3. Option: I confirm that I have NOT received my visa yet. I want to wait for my visa. My spot in class will be reserved for the whole period. I am allowed to attend the course late. My right to refund my course fees in case I receive a letter of rejection does expire hence.

Should you not fill out the form, the start of your course will be automatically rescheduled to the beginning of the next course phase.



How do I find out which level I start on at perfekt.deutsch?
perfekt.deutsch offers 5 levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1). You can start at any level. The requirement is that you successfully pass the acceptance test for that level.

Is the acceptance test obligatory?
Yes, the acceptance test is obligatory for levels A2, B1, B2 und C1 & DSH-Peparation. Certificates from other language schools, (including the Goethe Institut) will not be recognized. The test is not necessary for the A1 level, the crash courses (DSH, telc) and the additional courses (Communication Courses, Grammar Courses, etc.). 

In order to participate in a crash course you need to produce one of the following documents:

  • For the DSH Crash Course:  A C1 Certificate or DSH-1 Certificate
  • For the telc Crash Course C1 Hochschule:  C1 Certificate or DSH-1 Certificate
  • For the telc B2 Crash Course:  B2 Certificate

When does the acceptance test take place, and what should I bring to the test?
You can find the current test dates here.  You do not need to register for the acceptance test.

On the day of the acceptance test you need:

  • The €10.00 fee for the acceptance test
  • Your passport/personal identification card with a photo.
  • A German-German dictionary (no dictionaries with the native/main language allowed)

How long does the acceptance test last?
The acceptance test lasts about 3-4 hours.

Which parts make up the test?
Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Listening Comprehension, and Writing.  You can find additional information here.

When and how do I find out the results of my acceptance test?
The results of the acceptance tests will be given out on a certain day at the language school.

What happens if I do not pass the acceptance test?
If you received a registration confirmation, a certificate of attendance or otherwise document from pefekt.deutsch, you will be put into a lower level course in the case that you did not pass. A refund of the course fee is at this point not possible.


Can I always get the Semsterticket from the TU Dortmund?
As a general rule, yes.
It is really only worth it to get the Semesterticket in October (at the beginning of the Winter Semester) and in April (at the beginning of the Summer Semester).  If you would like to get the Semesterticket in December, January, in June, etc., you still would have to pay the complete semester fee. 

How much does the Semesterticket cost and where do I pay for it?
The semester fee is about €280,00.  You must transfer the money over to the account of the Technical University Dortmund.

Can I really use this ticket in all busses, trains and trams in all of NRW?
Yes, as long as it is not an ICE or IC.  There can be additional fees, however (for example, on some night busses in NRW or line 444 in Dortmund).

Who can enroll as a language student at the Technical University of Dortmund?
All participants in courses at perfekt.deutsch can enroll as language students at the Technical University of Dortmund as long as certain formal requirements are met.

Which other advantages do I have by being enrolled as a language student?

  • Free travel with busses, trains and trams in NRW
  • Big discounts on health insurance
  • The possibility of renting a cheaper room in a dormitory
  • Discounts on phone contracts
  • Free use of the University Library
  • Lower prices at the campus cafeteria (Mensa)
  • Wi-Fi on the entire campus
  • Discounts on movie/cinema tickets and museum tickets

What documents are required for enrollment as a language student at the university?
The TU Dortmund has information on the Semesterticket here.  You will receive additional information about it on the first day of class.

How and where can I buy the Young Ticket? 

  1. Simply full out and turn in the request form at the KundenCenter (in Dortmund Central Station).
  2. Present a valid certificate of attendance from perfekt.deutsch.


Which additional costs should I expect?

  • School Supplies
  • Fee for the Semesterticket (if desired)
  • Travel costs to school (if desired)

What is the schedule like?
This schedule for the immersion courses is mixed and goes for the entire course:

  • 2-3 days a week in the morning (8:15 AM-12:15 PM)
  • 2-3 days a week in the afternoon (12:45 PM–4:45 PM)
  • Crash courses (DSH, telc) for the most part, take place between 5-7 PM.

Is a lesson hour at prefekt.deutsch identical to a school hour?
Yes, a lesson hour at perfekt.deutsch lasts 45 minutes, as is the case in school.

Where do the language courses take place?
In one of the three perfekt.deutsch facilities in Downtown Dortmund.

Which books do I need for the language course?
You will find this out when you register in the office.  On the first day your teacher will tell you the names of the books again.

When do I find out my schedule and the address at which my course takes place?
A day before the course starts via e-mail. (Please check your spam folder!)


Where do I find the Sprachinstitut perfekt.deutsch?
perfekt.deutsch has three locations in Dortmund.

Can I see photos and reviews?
You can find photos and evaluations of the Sprachinstitut perfekt.deutsch here.

What countries do most of the course participants come from?
Our students come from all over the world. (Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, the USA, etc.)

How old are the courses participants?
-Between 18 and 30 years old

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?
At the end of the course there is a final exam.  If you pass the final exam, you get a certificate.  Should that not be the case, you will receive a certificate stating that you participated in the course.


How do I find housing in Dortmund?
The Sprachinstitut perfekt.deutsch does not rent out any housing. Our partner company Student.service offers a room hunting service and other services for students. Since there is a certain amount of work in advance that is necessary for all the organization, or more specifically the housing search, we recommend sending your request to student.service 3 months before you plan to arrive. Last-minute requests can only be processed if there is idle capacity.

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