Entrance test

An entrance exam is NOT needed for the following courses:

A1 (ca. 200 hours), all crashcourses (ca. 50 hours) all additional language enrichment courses (15 hours). You can sign up for these courses online, right now, without any prerequisites.

Taking the entrance exam is obligatory for the following courses:
A2, B1, B2, C1 (ca. 200 hours) und B2/C1 Medicine Language Courses (ca. 160 hours)

Are you already in Germany? → Then you will have to take the entrance exam in person at our school.

You can find upcoming exam dates on our website under Dates/Fees. You do not need to register for the entrance exam!

This chart shows you which language skills are required by perfekt.deutsch if you want to participate successfully in a certain course.

On the day of the entrance test you need to bring along:

  •  a fee of 10 € for the test
  •  passport / identity card
  •  a German-German dictionary

If you are not in Germany yet? → You can take the entrance exam online.

You may take the entrance exam online ONLY if the following applies to you:
1. You are still waiting for your Visa in order to come to Germany. AND
2. You can not be physically present for any of the entrance exam dates before your course begins.

If this is the case, then you must do the following:
1. Please E-mail us a copy of your flight ticket at least 2 weeks before the course starts, to let us know that you will be unable to take the exam in person.
2. You will then receive an E-mail from us with a login username and password in order to take the exam online.
3. The exam needs to be completed within 48-hours of receiving your login information.
4. A few days after completing the online entrance exam, you will receive your results by E-Mail from us.
Depending on your results, you may either attend the level chosen by you or in case of failure, you may attend a lower level. The participation in this Online-Test does not cost anything.

 As preparatory reading for the entrance test perfekt.deutsch recommends:

  •  “Übungsgrammatik für die Grundstufe” von Friedrich Clamer / Erhard G. Heilmann,
    Verlag Liebaug-Dartmann ISBN: 978-3-922989-70-7, Lösungen dazu: ISBN: 978-3-922989-71-4
  •  “Übungsgrammatik für die Mittelstufe” von Friedrich Clamer / Erhard G. Heilmann,
    Verlag Liebaug-Dartmann ISBN: 978-3-922989-51-6, Lösungen dazu: ISBN: 978-3-922989-52-3
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