Why to learn German in Dortmund?

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Nachrichten

You can find the meaningful Arguments as to why to learn German in Dortmund and later complete your further education in TU Dortmund.

  • No student Fees
    One pays only a negligible amount as a Semester Fee approx. 230€. In return one can enjoy various benefits like NRW tickets, Free usage of Libraries and Internet anywhere in the University complex, Rate benefits in Canteens and a Low cost Room in the Hostel.
  • NRW Ticket
    Nordrhein Westfallen is a State in Germany, with NRW Ticket one can travel throughout this state for free.
  • Language: High German
    The whole area has no dialect and therefore one can understand the language without any difficulty.
  • Metropolitan Centre
    A major advantage in NRW is that all the cities lies in close proximity with the other, hence one can visit different Universities, Colleges and other educational institutions in no time. Also NRW provides many possibilities to find or search for a job during the Study or after the completion.
  • Multi Cultural
    The population in NRW is used to Foreigners and is extremely open and broadminded towards them.
  • Outstanding center for Technology
    Future and Career oriented faculties like Information Technology, Micro – Nano Technology; Logistics also Biomedicine, Robotics are present in Dortmund.

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