Student.service offers a room search service for its students. A furnished room for „one person“ – attendee of the German course – would be search in the city of Dortmund.

300€ – one time service charges
. It includes consultancy and advisory service for the room search. It also means that  a room (with Kitchen, Wash room and toilet for one person) in a student’s dormitory would be available for you.  The rent, ofcourse, has to be paid by you. A document  (if required) stating that a room has been reserved for you during your language classes can also be provided . This document may be required for the German Embassy in your home country.

400€ – Security Deposit.  This deposit would be returned completely to you, if all the conditions of „room contract“ are satisfied.

Approximately 380€ – Monthly Rent –  The exact prise depends on the student’s dormitory,  size of the room and furnishing of the room.

The organization of the accomodation takes a certain period of time. We recommend you to send a request at least „3 months“ before your expected arrival.  Request sent in a time period less than 3 months can only be accomodated if a free place is available!

Additional Information:
For additional information please feel free to send an email to: info@studservice.de (english, deutsch, русский)

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DSH-Crash-Kurs: 23.07.2018-03.08.2018 + DSH-Platz: am 25.08.2018 oder am 02.09.2018
Preis: 370,00 €
Anmeldung: ab sofort im Büro

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