C1&telc Hochschule-Preparation

The C1 & telc C1-preparation is for participants who already possess a substantial knowledge of German at level B2 or above. It is aimed at those who aspire to study at a German university and thus require proof of their German language skills. This course specifically and effectively prepares the participants for the “telc C1 Hochschule”.

The course only uses widely accepted textbooks and proven and tested materials that will be complemented by previously used tests and sample exams. The students of the course C1 & telc C1-preparation acquire a comprehensive knowledge of German in all necessary areas, gain expertise and learn techniques that prepare them in an optimal way for studying at a German university.

The aim of the course C1 & telc C1-preparation is for participants to communicate verbally and in written form about a broad range of topics as well as to comprehend reading and listening texts of a higher level of difficulty with the help of intensively practised strategies.

The course C1 & telc C1-preparation is designed as an intensive course with 5 classes for 45 minutes a day. It takes approximately 8 weeks and comprises 200 hours of teaching. There is also an inclusive Communication course of 20 hours that prepares students for the oral telc C1 Hochschule.

Levels A1 to C1 correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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